Huppendorfer Vollbier - Brauerei Grasser Huppendorf - Vollbier, 4.7%, 5 Litre Mini Keg

Huppendorfer Vollbier

Brauerei Grasser Huppendorf
Vollbier, 4.7%, 5 Litre Mini Keg
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The Vollbier beer from the Grasser brewery is rightly one of the classics in the Bamberg region. It embodies a perfect Franconian cellar beer. Clearly filtered, it greets the glass with its rich, grainy yellow color. Above it is a firm, fine-pored, slightly beige foam, fine pearls find their way purposefully up into the soft foam bed. The grain can be found in the nose, it smells of a freshly harvested Franconian cornfield. Behind it are aromas of toffee and sweet dough. This potpourri awakens the desire for the first sip, which caresses the tongue with a full, soft and round taste. It is replaced by the impression of a slice of wholemeal bread with a thick layer of wild flower honey. At the end there is a short, fine bitterness that arouses anticipation for the next sip.