Untergiesinger Erhellung - Giesinger Bräu - Kellerbier, 5.3%, 500ml Bottle

Untergiesinger Erhellung

Giesinger Bräu
Giesinger Bräu - Kellerbier, 5.3%, 500ml Bottle
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The Giesinger Enlightenment.

Our flagship. And now one of the most popular beers in Munich. Bottom-fermented brewed according to the purity law of 1516. With water from our own deep well: a real Münchner Hell, that is. A designation that only six other breweries are allowed to use besides us. Tastes. Good. Bright golden yellow. With a compact, white foam and a slight cloudiness. His fans look forward to the fresh hop aroma, the full-bodied taste and the smooth mouthfeel. Put it in! On the shelf. And in the cooling. Because you can always nibble on one thing. Original wort: 12.6 ° P Alcohol content: 5.3% vol.