Coolship 2020 - Wild Beer Co - Spontaneous + Pale + Time, 5.9%, 750ml Sharing Beer Bottle

Coolship 2020

Wild Beer Co
Spontaneous + Pale + Time, 5.9%, 750ml Sharing Beer Bottle
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Coolship 2020 is in many ways the pinnacle of what our wild and barrel-aged beers are all about as this beer is as low intervention as we can make it.

This is the incredible sequel to our 2019 release and comprises of 8 different Coolship brews created across 3 years different years of 2017-2019

This blend is phenomenal! Comprising of 8 different Coolship brews spanning the 2017-19 brewing seasons and a total volume of 2300 litres. This brings an amazing amount of depth and complexity to the final beer, where the previous year’s blend was 3 different brews across 3 different years and only yielding 800 litres.

The volume and diversity make a huge difference on blended beers. Our blending team was also wider than before with 6 people rather than 2 or 3. This also helps with finding the perfect blend which can be a needle in a haystack.