Comet Ekuanot IPA - Polly's Brew Co - IPA, 6.4%, 440ml

Comet Ekuanot IPA

Polly's Brew Co
IPA, 6.4%, 440ml
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We make no secret of the influence London trailblazers The Kernel have on our beers. From the focus on simplicity, to maintaining our Originals range which are named solely after the hops we use. Their influence is on hand once again here in Comet Ekuanot; after Arron picked up a Comet pale ale on one of his trips down to London, he immediately reported back to the brewteam about this incredible hop varietal, and demanded that we shoehorn it into the brew plans. Strong grapefruit characteristics play off the wonderful complexities of Ekuanot in this all out smasher of an IPA.