Cocoa Cacao - Dugges Bryggeri - Chocolate Imperial Stout, 11.5%, 330ml Bottle

Cocoa Cacao

Dugges Bryggeri
Chocolate Imperial Stout, 11.5%, 330ml Bottle
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In collaborating with Stillwater Artisanal we always focus on distinct, clear, punchy flavors. This beer is no exception. Inspired by everyone’s favorite candy, this is a chocolate bar in a bottle. Unwrap!

We’ve brewed a lot of beers with Stillwater Artisanal. Before this one, we’d done six. All sours. So, when discussing our seventh collaboration, we knew we wanted to do something different. Choice fell on a big, thick, creamy stout. So far so good, but how do we approach a stout? What, other then sourness, is it that makes a Dugges/Stillwater collaboration? Clarity and directness was what we found. Choose a path and stay on it to the end. Decide upon one thing you want to bring forward and then do it to the max. Having already decided on a stout, maxing it with chocolate was a given. We wanted a beer that was equal part childhood dessert and candy bar. Brian came over from the US, we brewed the beer and the rest is chocolate. As all things are now. Chocolate.