Circadian IPA - Wild Beer Co - Barrel Aging + Mixed Fermentation + Blending, 6.5%, 750ml Sharing Beer Bottle

Squashed Grape 2020

Wild Beer Co
Somerset Grapes + Natural Fermentation, 6%, 750ml Sharing Beer Bottle
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Our first-ever barrel-aged IPA release! This is a beer that combines much of what we’ve learnt in the last 7 years across many different beer styles, fermentations, barrel-ageing, and balance.

You can expect a complex Wild IPA with layers upon layers of flavour, it will be on the dry side with a pronounced fruity and herbal aroma. 

This has been a very special beer to create, one that we have talked about producing for many years. We’re excited to share with you an expression of all the different techniques used and hope you love it as much as we do! We brewed an IPA and cooled the wort in our Coolships before we added Kveik Farmhouse yeast to the airborne cultures.

After fermentation the beer was further inoculated with our house white wine yeast and brettanomyces, then moved to oak barrels for a secondary fermentation over the next 2 months. We then carefully blended in the best barrels with some complimentary other wild barrels to create our final blend in tank. The beer has then been dry-hopped with Mosaic hops to enhance the hop flavours and aromas.