Cider - Wild Beer Co - Dry Cider Foudre Aged, 8.1%, 750ml Bottle


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Dry Cider Foudre Aged, 8.1%, 750ml Bottle
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Our first ever Wild Cider!!!

Dry, tannic, and of course wood-aged. This delightful cider is a true drink from the Somerset Terroir and we simply can't wait for you to try it!

As a Somerset brewery that brews and talks about the terroir all the time, we have been asked many times if or when we would make a cider. The uniqueness of 2020, a random conversation and a beautiful liquid led to this project!

This foudre-aged, blended, cider has spent 2 years ageing in new first-fill Seguin Moreaux oak; one foudre, full of Chisel Jersey the other, holding several Somerset varieties. Blended together they make a bold yet nuanced combination of flavours; tannic apple, oak and white grape with a moreish dry finish. Lightly sparkling and fully fermented out, it’s strength is well hidden.