Change, Irreversible - Polly's Brew Co - West Coast Pale, 5.6%, 440ml Can

Change, Irreversible

Polly's Brew Co
West Coast Pale, 5.6%, 440ml Can
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An unexpected result of all this downtime due to lockdown is that we’ve been inundated with requests for interviews, almost all of which ask us for our desert island beer.
Arron is extremely vocal about his love of what he feels is the greatest beer ever made, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and Change, Irreversible is our homage to one of the stone cold classics of craft beer, without which we may not be here today.
A piney and resinous explosion of flavour invades the palate, thanks to our generous use of Centennial and Chinook in the whirlpool, with a triple threat of Chinook, Centennial and Amarillo in the dry hop. A beer with some serious old school bite and attitude; clean, crisp, and perfect for knocking back in the sunshine.