Cap'n Krunk - Mash Gang - Low Alcohol Cereal Milk Pale Ale, 0.5%, 440ml Can

Cap'n Krunk

Mash Gang
Low Alcohol Cereal Milk Pale Ale, 0.5%, 440ml Can
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As part of our ongoing commitment to pushing the limits of nolo, this range of limited edition breakfast inspired ales is sure to surprise and delight.

Set sail on a journey into pure ludicrousness.

A thick and luxurious pale ale with cinnamon and vanilla, this is less sweet and more beer like than the others in the series. Using some of the last HBC630 hops we could find. This is is a breakfast beer for any time of the day, or night. Ingredients: Water, Barely, Wheat, Oats, Rye, Maltodextrin, hops, Yeast, Potassium sorbate, vanilla, cinnamon, Natural flavouring.

  • Hops: HBC630
  • Adjuncts: Vanilla, Cinnamon
  • Vegan