Cake - Dugges Bryggeri - Cardamon, Vanilla and Almond Imperial Stout, 10%, 330ml Bottle


Dugges Bryggeri
Chocolate Imperial Stout, 10%, 330ml Bottle
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Cake is part of a journey. A journey towards the perfect stout, towards utopia. Step by step, beer by beer, on and on. Forever! A grand canvas colored with Cardamon, Vanilla and Almond flavoring. For any pastry needs. Yummy!

This beer is the continuation of something completely new and building on a set foundation at the same time. Its journey starts in the US where we under the Twelve Percent Beer Project brewed two stouts, Fudge and Coffee. We thought we were done there but upon tasting them and thinking about them we realized we had something cool on our hands, something we could play around with. So, the GRAND series was born. GRAND is a series of stouts, a canvas, that we color as we go along. After the distinkt tastes of Fudge, Coffee and Choco Chip we wanted to try our hands at baking a cake. And so we did. Expect a lot from this beer and this series. We assure you it’s going to be grand.