Amarillo Waimea Pale Ale - Polly's Brew Co - Pale Ale, 5.2%, 440ml

Amarillo Waimea Pale Ale

Polly's Brew Co
Pale Ale, 5.2%, 440ml
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So it begins; the Original range starts to dwindle down, but we're by no means compromising as the range that launched us rides off into the sunset. An absolutely kickass pale ale perfect for sessioning, we've treated this beer to some of the new South Pacific hops that have just landed here at Polly's HQ with a tonne of Waimea hops paired up with an old faithful in Amarillo. Expect to find a tonne of tangerine, clementine and passionfruit notes bouncing from the Waimea dry-hop addition, whilst Amarillo brings a swag bag of punchy citrus notes to the fore as old school meets new school.