Altogether Elsewhere - Lost & Grounded - Czech-Style Pilsner, 5%, 440ml

Altogether Elsewhere

Lost & Grounded
Czech-Style Pilsner, 5%, 440ml
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The second batch of our Czech-style Pils is out now! Using a traditional decoction mash – in this, we actually boil a portion of the mash to help break down the malt, also increasing the subtle biscuity character of Pils malt. It’s no secret we love lager, we operate a state-of-the-art Brewhouse, complete with a traditional lactic acid propagation plant (traditional German method of adjusting acidity) to produce beers with balance, nuance and depth of character. Altogether Elsewhere celebrates those nuances between lager styles, showing that there is so much to forever learn about this understated beer family. We are buzzed AF for this lager - it’s ‘ain’t no rock star’ style, but it’s ‘our style’, and that is what rocks - we follow our own path.

All of our beers are unfiltered and vegan friendly.