Altfränkisch Klosterbier - Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe - Vollbier, 5.1%, 5 Litre Mini Keg

Altfränkisch Klosterbier

Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe
Vollbier, 5.1%, 5 Litre Mini Keg
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It impresses with its amber color and the original wort content of 12.3%. Our Old Franconian continues the monastic brewing tradition of our former Benedictine monastery up to the present day. A full-bodied beer with a pleasant review, as it has been and is brewed by all generations.

The statement made by Professor Dragr also makes us proud of this beer. Dipl.-Brauerei-Ing. Ludwig Narziss: "Your old Franconian still tastes like it did 50 years ago."

Goes well with: Roasts, Obatzter, snack, sausage, sausages, carp and game dishes

  • Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops
  • Original wort: P 12
  • Alcohol content: 5.0% vol.