Alkoholfreies Kellerbier - Brauerei Rittmayer Hallerndorf  - Low Alcohol Kellerbier, 0.5%, 500ml Bottle

Alkoholfreies Kellerbier

Brauerei Rittmayer Hallerndorf
Low Alcohol Kellerbier, 0.5%, 500ml Bottle
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Non-alcoholic cellar beer

Enjoying beer without alcohol

The story:
who doesn't know it, the problem: you need a car and a driver's license, but you don't want to do without the honest taste of beer? Water tastes boring and doesn't quench your thirst, shandy is too sweet? That's exactly what the alcohol-free cellar beer from Rittmayer is for. The alcoholic classic serves as the basic recipe. A stopped fermentation leaves a slight residual sugar in the beer, the alcohol content meets the legal requirements for non-alcoholic beer. The non-alcoholic cellar beer has a modern character thanks to its dry hopping with Cascade aroma hops.

How does it taste?
The amber note in the color already gives an idea of ​​the scent: Spicy notes, a potpourri of different grains and cereals, roar in the nose. The aroma hops support the freshness of the beer, pleasantly tart and fragrant with citrus fruit. The spicy grain notes are also in the foreground in the taste. Citrus notes and green hop aromas add freshness without overpowering the honest beer characteristics.