A Ritzy Experience - Polly's Brew Co - Ekuanot IPA, 7%, 440ml

A Ritzy Experience

Polly's Brew Co
Ekuanot IPA, 7%, 440ml
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It could be said that we're huge fans of Ekuanot here at Polly's, and whoever said as much certainly isn't wrong. Known for being one of the more complex hop varietals, we love the abundance of flavour notes we find with each successive tasting, with all five of our brewers picking out different flavours every time. A Ritzy Experience is our celebration of this incredible hop, with a massive thirty five kilograms of dry hopping throughout fermentation. An IPA filled to the brim with flavour, expect notes of lime, pithy orange, berries, papaya, as well as a little herbal complexity just to boot.