A Late Summer: Talus - Polly's Brew Co - Pale Ale, 5.6%, 440ml Can

A Late Summer: Talus

Polly's Brew Co
Pale Ale, 5.6%, 440ml Can
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As we're gradually edging closer and closer toward a core range finally dropping, we wanted to make a little end of summer showcase to some of our favourite hops of 2021 in a series that we hope will become a yearly release every August. Our final entry into this series for 2021, sees us embracing a relatively new, but no less loved varietal - Talus. A descendent of Sabro, we've only been using this hop for a short period of time, but we've absolutely fallen in love with its complexity; imparting a whole host of pink grapefruit, tropical fruits, citrus rinds and dried roses into our beers. An absolutely incredible adieu to this range until next year; we're already looking forward to discovering a whole host of new favourites to share over the next twelve months.